Engineered Bamboo, the Building Material of the Future

It’s no secret that bamboo is one of nature’s strongest creations. At CUBO, we believe this wonder material is the solution to housing problems in terms of strength and durability. This is why we’ve invested in finding the best form of this natural material, and we found our answers in none other than engineered bamboo.

The processing and compression of engineered bamboo opens the world to more of the plant’s possibilities and strengths. We’re proud to say that we’re the first and only prefabricated housing company in the Philippines with engineered bamboo at the heart of every home we build.

How does engineered bamboo compare to traditionally built homes?

Globally, engineered bamboo has taken traction for its sustainability, versatility and resistance to environmental elements. As the material integral to all our houses, its superior qualities are what CUBO homes strive to bring to the housing landscape of the Philippines. The strength of engineered bamboo is up to 14 times stronger than concrete and local hardwood, proving to have a durability and ability to withstand compression unlike any other. Apart from being resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions, engineered bamboo is also less prone to warping over time.

Why is engineered bamboo the building material of the future?

Engineered bamboo comes from natural bamboo, one of the fastest-growing resources in the world. This plant can be harvested quickly every three years only to regrow once again. Every 43 seconds, Philippine forests grow enough raw bamboo to produce a Bulacan CUBO model.

When put together with our modular way of building homes, we can easily replace the parts of your home that need fixing without having to replace the whole structure. Our engineered bamboo also repels termites and weevils, adding an extra layer of protection to your home.

Experience the wonders of living in a sustainable, worry-free, and maintenance-free home made of engineered bamboo by getting your own CUBO home now! Head over to our catalog to browse through our models.