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 Create Your Space 

CUBO Modular System

A better way to build.


A 14.5 sq.m. module can be built on-site in 4 hours. Have homes as soon as possible.


Choose from available colors, add windows, A/C units, or have a custom panel built into your CUBO. 


Combine CUBOs together and create new floor plans easily. Your imagination is your limitation.


CUBO spaces aren't limited to just homes-- it can be anything you want. A multi-purpose meeting room, a classroom, a communal wash area, you choose.

 Create your space in 5 steps 


Pick your CUBO Base Model


14.5 sq.m.


29 sq.m.


Choose your Package Option


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Define the features of your CUBO Home

Mono-pitched roof style

Natural Bamboo Color

Add-on Deck

2x Sarangani Combination


Customize your floor plan (optional)


Assemble On-Site

Our main material:

Engineered Bamboo

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This wonder material is being used for many building applications all around the world. Its versatility, strength, and resistance to the elements make it the perfect material of sustainable buildings.

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Learn the steps to have a CUBO of your own.

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