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How do I build a CUBO?

CUBO Catalog Design


Choose from a variety of CUBOs in our CUBO Catalog. You simply add-to-cart!


Checkout. After paying your initial reservation fee of Php 5,000 per CUBO, you will also choose how you intend to pay for the rest of the balance-- straight, installment, or financing.


You will then be sent the complete requirements through our online customer portal. We will guide you through the whole process, step-by-step.


When the initial requirements are complete and ready, we will send you documents so you can prepare the job-site with your chosen contractor. Preparation is important because this allows CUBO to be built on-site in hours!


CUBO will be shipped and assembled on-site!

Need a custom CUBO design? Are you a corporate client with specific needs?

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