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What housing options are available for personal use?

We have a standard CUBO size at 29 sqm. and a smaller layout at 14.5 sqm. We also have configurations for each size based on your needs. You may view it here: Or take a look at our concepts here:

What housing options available for bulk orders?

Our two options, the standard 29 sqm. unit and the 14.5 sqm. unit are both available for bulk orders. However, you will have to coordinate with us via email at to see if we can accommodate your request for this order at your preferred timeline.

Will you have options to customize the unit size?

As of now, we do not have any customizable unit sizes for sale. We have our standard 29 sq.m. unit and the 14.5 sq.m. unit. Depending on how you want the CUBO units to be used, we can recommend a certain layout or configuration of our CUBO units.

Can you give me a suggested layout for my land?

We can definitely help you with a suggested layout for your land. Please give us more details such as: - site plan (please indicate the area you want to place your CUBO) - number of units you want to put up - your name - your company - your contact details Please send these to However, we also have to check if we can accommodate your request for your order at your preferred timeline.

What is included in a CUBO unit?

The inclusions for each CUBO Home depends on your chosen model and package. You may head to and see which model and package suit your needs.

What is the installation process for a CUBO unit?

While we're producing your CUBO Home off-site in our factory, your foundation will already be built by a general contractor. The size specifications for your foundation will be provided to you beforehand by CUBO. Once the foundation is prepared and we've verified its size, we'll give a go ahead to have your flat-packed home kit delivered to your site. Your CUBO Home can be installed in as quickly as 4 hours with at least 4 laborers on-site.

What makes CUBO different from other prefabricated housing companies?

CUBO Modular is the ONLY prefabricated housing company in the Philippines using a rapidly renewable material in engineered bamboo. Our competitors use materials that either destroy our natural resources like in the case of metal in shipping containers or worse, produce environmentally harmful styro-based materials in the case of EPS panels. Aside from the sustainability of our material, we can create a fully functional, earthquake-proof, and typhoon-proof home within a few hours. Our modular system means allows us to assemble and build a house on-site with minimal labor and time requirements. Our engineered bamboo is not only a sustainable, dense, and robust building material, it also provides excellent heat and sound insulation and repels termites and weevils to keep your house protected and sturdy.


What are the prices of your CUBO Homes?

Our prices for our Bulacan Model starts at Php 145,000 for the Shed Package. The same package for Sarangani starts at Php 290,000. To get a personalized quotation for your chosen model and package. please fill up a Customization Form at

Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

Yes. Discounts may be given depending on how many units you intend to purchase.

Does the price include VAT?

No. Our pricing scheme is: flat rate for CUBO unit + VAT + delivery and handling fees. On-site foundation work and assembly is not included in the price since it will be done by a third-party contractor.

Are delivery costs included in the price?

No. Delivery and handling fees vary greatly depending on your project location so that is subject to quotation.


Do you have any job openings?

Yes. Please proceed to the "Careers" section find our job openings. You may also send your resume, a cover letter, and what you may want to contribute to our team to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Are you open to any partnerships?

Yes. We are always open to partnerships. Please send us more details at and let’s set up a meeting.

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Where is your office located?

Our main office is in B. Gonzales St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For any concerns you have, please email us at

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