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Sarangani Origin


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This spacious CUBO Home is your blank canvas.

A long open floor plan ready to become your dream home, the Sarangani Origin gives you 29 sq.m. of floor area to design however you wish. With lots of windows and a 4.2 meter high ceiling, you can be sure that your home will be well lit and well ventilated. Make this into the two bedroom home of your dreams or even add loft levels on both ends, it’s up to you.

Have a look at the exterior.

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Base Package

Total Livable Space

29 sq.m.

Estimated Assembly Time

3.5 hours with 10 assemblers

Structural Warranty

50 years

Gross Indoor Area

Indoor Dimensions

Gross Loft Area

Loft Dimensions

Gross Outdoor Area

Outdoor Dimensions



Kitchen Counter

Recommended Lot Area

Recommended Lot Dimensions

Estimated Septic Tank Cost

Estimated  Foundation Cost

29 sq.m.

7.35 mL x 3.90 mW








102 sq.m.

10.35 mL x 9.85 mW

Php 40,000

Php 72,500

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Take a peek inside.

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The Origin Type is a bare unit for you to make your own.

With an Origin type CUBO, you get to choose what the space is used for. With multiple customizable options for the exterior and interior look of your CUBO, you get full control of your new space!

Customizable Options

  • Roof and Cladding

  • Front Door Canopy Roof

  • Exterior Siding

  • Flooring

  • Interior Wall

  • Ceiling

  • Door Hardware

  • Front Door

  • Back Door

  • House Window Blades

  • Switches and Outlets

  • Lighting

For full information on the customizable options, download the latest CUBO Homebuyers Guide.

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We use the building material of tomorrow: Engineered Bamboo.

We believe in making quality, robust homes. We don't cut corners when it comes to material-- that's why we chose one of the toughest and renewable structural material around.

Download the Product Specifications to see the technical specifications of Engineered Bamboo.

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Sarangani Origin

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