About Us

CUBO is a modular housing solution designed to provide dignified living to everyone, including low-income workers in Metro Manila.


Founded by materials engineer, Earl Patrick Forlales, the CUBO concept is the winner of the Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Cities for our Future Challenge held last 2018. 


CUBO’s design system is needed now more than ever – easy to manufacture, easy to set up, and affordable – and applicable not just in the Philippines but other parts of the world as well.


Join us as we work to transform and improve the lives of our fellow Filipinos. Together, let’s make change happen one CUBO at a time.

Vision & Mission

CUBO envisions a Philippines with no slums.

To achieve this, we aim to revolutionize the way homes are built so we can become the foremost provider of truly affordable dignified housing for the Filipinos.


At CUBO, we empower our fellow Filipinos by providing them with the support they need to make a difference. They are our heroes and we innovate to improve their quality of life.


We are a people-centered company that aims to build long-lasting relationships with people we work with while being flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market as they come.

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