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Building Better Homes

Be a part of the new revolution. We make sustainable, award-winning designs for homes that can be built in hours.

We envision dignified homes for everyone.

Faster ways to build.

More sustainable materials used.

Better ways to make your ideas real.


CUBO Catalog

Shop for homes right now. Take a look through our revolutionary online home reservation process where you add-to-cart and we help you bring your CUBO to life on-site!


CUBO Modular System

Fast Builds

Infinitely scaleable

Make it your own

A full 14.5 sq.m. module can be built on-site in as quickly as 4 hours. 

We're challenging the way modern homes are built. 

Need a custom floor plan?


Connect and reconfigure our modules to fit the size of your space. CUBO can be as versatile as you need it to be.

Our multiple customization options make sure your space makes you feel right at home.


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